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Apr 2

MoogFest and Touring

People have posted they heard we are "touring" as Psychic TV/PTV3 aGen !! We are NOT. All we have agreed to do is the following:-

We ARE currently ONLY playing a single, one-off gig, at MOOG Fest.on May 19th 2018.
We've agreed because It is not too much...

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Mar 9

Are there actually two species of human on Earth?

These diagrams show genetic distance between human populations that has built up for about 70,000 years, give or take. Australians isolated from everyone else the earliest, but they never speciated. Africans have the most diversity and are very distant for everyone else. But there...

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Feb 26

His Name Was Master

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: "Mum & Dad" (1971) ltd ed print + Brion Gysin: His Name Was Master

Limited edition print of classic Genesis P-Orridge image + hardcover copy of Brion Gysin: His Name Was Master. Click here to order

If you want to purchase the paperback version, it may be...

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Dec 2

Thank you

Around the 22nd November my Drs decided we had to go for blood levels and other tests twice a week as my White Cell count had gone back up to 32...which, we have to admit, was a little disheartening. With so many well wishes, so much L-ov-E being sent to me by all of you, we felt...

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Nov 17

16 November, 2017

We went for our blood tests again today. After Monday's being disappointing we were a bit trepidant. Whenever we sit in the large Oncology waiting room we feel very fortunate. There are momeants when it feels like half thee beings there are semi-transparent ghosts...perhaps it's...

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